Vicarious Redemption

The central tenants and doctrines of Christianity are severely flawed, but there just might be one theological statute that takes the cake as the most blatantly immoral – vicarious redemption. Christopher Hitchens says it best (as usual), and I’ve posted the video below. What is vicarious redemption? The concept is that a person can throw … More Vicarious Redemption

Point of No Return

Many adults, especially past the age of 40, seem to have gone beyond the point of no return with religion. They have spent so much time, energy, money, family ties, personal development and emotional/spiritual stock in their religion that it would be too difficult and too far of a journey to turn the other way, … More Point of No Return

An Atheist AGAINST the Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage Decision?

Most arguments I see against the Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision are religious in nature. Scripture-quoting is ubiquitous. So, why would an atheist be against the decision? Here are a few reasons I have reservations regarding the decision. I believe these are items that have not been thought through by most same-sex marriage supporters. We … More An Atheist AGAINST the Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage Decision?

Thoughts on Satan

God created Lucifer, a high-ranking, beautiful angel who became unsatisfied worshiping God. He became filled with pride and God cast him out of Heaven and onto the Earth (to greet us innocent little humans…gee, thanks). See Ezekiel 28:12-18 (King Tyre is symbolic for Satan). Interesting note: Lucifer sinned because of pride in Heaven, and there was a … More Thoughts on Satan

“If there is no God, to whom are you accountable?”

I get this question a lot, coupled with statements like, “You become your own god,” and “There is no ultimate meaning for life,” and “Who is to say murder or theft is wrong if a supreme being does not legislate it and there is no ultimate punishment,” etc. My answer is that we are accountable to … More “If there is no God, to whom are you accountable?”

The Problem with “Something Can’t Come From Nothing”

For a great look at this topic, read “A Universe from Nothing” by Lawrence Krauss – interesting stuff to think about. “Something can’t come from nothing, so their must be a God” (cosmological, or First Cause, argument) is not only a non sequitur when defending ones religious claims, it is also not a very good … More The Problem with “Something Can’t Come From Nothing”

Where Was God?

God was absent from school in Newtown, Connecticut. How anyone can read the recent news of the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and believe in God, I have no idea. How a loving, merciful, good, all-knowing, all-powerful God can will, preordain, or allow the slaughter of innocent children while destroying … More Where Was God?

Children Punished for the Sins of Their Fathers

Besides the obvious example that we all are punished for the trivial sin of the apparent father of the human race (Adam) and God punishing the innocent for other’s sins (genocide in Samuel 15:3, plagues, smiting of the first-born, etc.), let’s take a look at some verses regarding children being punished for the sins of … More Children Punished for the Sins of Their Fathers

Jesus Was Not Born of a Virgin – Part 2

As a general note, the gospels are dated approximately 70A.D. and later – almost forty years after Jesus’ death.  This is during a time without anything close to the quality of record-keeping we have today – mostly passed down orally.  In my opinion, the virgin birth (as well as miracles, resurrection, etc.) is pure fiction, simply made up after … More Jesus Was Not Born of a Virgin – Part 2


A scientist or rational person develops a theory (not a hypothetical scenario, but a theory in the scientific meaning of the word – a group of propositions based on evidence that can be tested, form predictions, and withstand experiments intended to dispute the theory’s validity) about the nature of reality and is willing to change … More Falsifiable