Sam Harris Video

I’m back after a long time off posting.  Here’s a great Sam Harris video for ya!


2 responses to “Sam Harris Video”

  1. I got through the first minute, and that’s all I need to see to get the jist of it.
    Why is it that people use suffering as an excuse to not believe in God? Christianity explains in detail why suffering exists.

    Naturalism contains no reason why suffering is a bad thing.
    A better question would be why anything like love exists in a totally random universe?

    • Please watch the entire video to hear the developed point he is making.

      Suffering will always be an issue because (if there is a God) God created the conditions under which The Fall was possible, probable, etc. That would make him responsible, therefore evil. If he is all-knowing, he knew suffering would happen. If he is all-powerful, he can stop it. If he is all-good, he would not have evil and suffering as a part of his creative output.

      Christianity gives an answer to why suffering exists only if you believe there is a God. If you don’t believe in God, the Christian answer of The Fall is not a relevant answer and does not offer any valid reasoning. Same thing applies to Satan. In addition, free will is not mentioned in the Bible, and the concept is still under debate as to whether or not we actually have any free will at all (physiological conditions controlling behavior rather than the “mind”).

      Love is likely an evolutionary mechanism that assisted survival by creating a strong family unit. This is not the most romantic answer; however, it does not take away from the beauty of the love experience.

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