Don’t Let Them Hijack the Cosmological Argument!

The next time the cosmological argument comes up (the “first cause argument” for the existence of God), DO NOT let the Christian get away with trying to hijack logic when making this argument.  The infinite regress must be applied to God as well, since he is a complex being that would have had an even more super-complex cause, and so-on ad infinitum.   They will try to say that God is an infinite or supernatural being and only apply “everything has a cause” to the universe to support their argument, but they are just making up the rules as they go.  They MUST use the same logic with God regarding cause/effect that they are using regarding the universe.  They have absolutely no evidence God was the first cause, he is infinite, he exists, etc. – no empirical evidence for God at all and yet they want to get all logical and reasonable/scientific-sounding with this ridiculousness.  The fact that Point A is not yet understood by scientists (“What caused the Big Bang”) does not make Point B true by default (“God created the universe”).  The fact that we still need to point out the flaw in the logic here is pretty sad.

The next quick point here is that the argument is used by Christians in a non-sequitor of symphonic and operatic proportions (as Bugliosi would say).  They make the connection that 1) everything has a cause, 2) God is the cause, 3) therefore the virgin birth, miracles, burning bush, and other supernatural events in the Bible must be true.  I just ask at this point for someone to show me the connection from #2-3 without doing Olympian-like mental gymnastics.


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