“I Pray God/Jesus Finds You”

I get this a lot from Christians with whom I dialogue regarding religion. This statement presupposes that God can find me (and someone powerful enough to create such a complex universe should be able to locate one of his children and talk to him/her) and chooses not to find me.  He is currently allowing me to wallow in solitude (or in the company of Satan) ever closer to my soul’s demise.  It also presupposes that the Christian has been found by God and is therefore more special in the eyes of God.  After all, they are set to spend eternity in Heaven, and I am set to suffer for eternity in fire and torment.  I don’t think they consciously think this narcissistic thought, but it is there deep down all the same – the cozy, cuddly, warm feeling of being a lost sheep, found and embraced in the strong arms of their Heavenly Father.

Not sure where to go with this – just a quick thought I had while taking the dog out…


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4 responses to ““I Pray God/Jesus Finds You””

    • Anyone that makes that comment doesn’t understand what atheism is. The comment is simply a bait/switch to get you to think you need/have faith in order to draw conclusions about existence. Then, they think that if you admit you have faith in atheism, then they can make you believe that their faith makes more sense.
      It might also be a way of leveling the playing field so they don’t feel as ridiculous for having faith and childish wishful thinking – “I have faith, you have faith, we are equally irrational” makes them feel better about believing in ridiculous nonsense.

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