The Future Looks Dim

I usually try to stay positive in my outlook on life, but the possibility of a nuclear attack on America in my lifetime (I’m 30) stemming from religious thought seems pretty serious.  In this case – Islam.

Sam Harris points out that religious warfare in the past was horrific, but we now have people with “1st century thought obtaining 21st century weapons technology.”  This is the main reason why I believe we can no longer sit back and allow people to believe ridiculous religious ideas – fanatical or moderate (see my first post – Introduction).  These people need to be challenged and persuaded to lead a more secular-humanist life (please don’t reply that “You are doing the same thing they are!  You are trying to convert them!” – I am not trying to brainwash, control, or kill anyone because my imaginary friend told me to do so).  Remember that beliefs influence actions.  The one and only reason 19 highly educated, wealthy, and healthy men flew planes into buildings (and others commit other torturous atrocities daily) was because of silly religious beliefs.

I understand wars are fought over land, racism, natural resources, and other reasons.  Many non-religious tyrant leaders had dogmatic, irrational ideologies and therefore used a “religious” blueprint.  Hitler, Mao, and the last several North Korean leaders are great examples of dogmatic, god-like figures who inspired irrational and false beliefs in their people – as well as suffocating mind-control and barbaric acts justified by the not-to-be-disputed dogma.

The only way to stop the insanity of religion is from within, and I have no hope of that ever happening.  If anything, Islam continues to grow with the doctrine of world-domination.

Maybe it’s been a long day.  Maybe I’m just tired and cranky.  But I have a bad feeling that the clock is ticking.


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