The Great Christian Cop-Out

“We don’t know God’s reasons.”  This is what I call The Great Christian Cop-Out and it comes up on a regular basis during debates.  Basically, when all logic and reason seem directly opposed to God existing or being good, all-knowing, all-powerful, loving, merciful, etc. a Christian comes out with a statement analogous to the great cop-out.  More importantly, Christians use this statement when their own ideas of God begin to contradict, and they use it to fool themselves.

It is interesting how Christians know what God wants for their lives, what he has planned for your life, what he wants us to do in myriad situations, and even the nature of God.  But once I ask questions such as the following (I have been reading about Japan so 2 examples from Japanese history are fresh in my mind), they fall back on the great cop-out:

  1. Where was God when babies were ripped from their mother’s arms and drowned in the Japanese tsunami?  Imagine yourself drowning a baby and listening to its innocent cries for mercy.  That is what God heard and continued to hold the baby under water.  Also, let’s not forget that anyone subscribing to Shinto, Zen-Buddhist, or Taoist philosophy is doomed to spend eternity in burning agony.
  2. How could God sit back, relax, and allow Japanese soldiers to capture innocent Chinese women (preceding WWII), rape and torture them, and then put dynamite in their vagina to watch how it blew them up from the inside out (yes, that actually happened).  Explain to that woman how God is good and has his reasons.  What possible reason could he have for something like that?  And what about the Chinese men whom the Japanese used for bayonet-stabbing and beheading practice?

Remember, if there is evil in the world it is not just Satan causing it.  So you can’t use the Fall of Man or Satan as an excuse.  God either preordains our lives or chooses when to intervene.  He is all-powerful and can do anything, so it is his decision whether or not to spare that poor Chinese woman.

One other thing about Christians knowing God’s motives – I recently listened to an audiobook about the Columbine High School massacre and did some additional research.  Many survivors came to the conclusion that God saved them and has a purpose for their life.  They felt his presence and know that he saved them.  What a condescending and arrogant statement!  So, the 13 people murdered that day had no purpose for their lives according to God, God felt they didn’t need to live, and he didn’t protect them – you, on the other hand, are so special and self-righteous that you KNOW God saved you for a reason?  You know God’s motives that well, but you come out with the “We don’t know God’s reasons” crap whenever you are challenged beyond your simple-minded and self-centered view of life.

Bottom line – either God is evil and sadistic, or he does not exist.  Either conclusion makes more sense than the filth Christians would have you believe about God being good, all-powerful, all-knowing, merciful, loving, etc.  Christians have really blinded themselves to what goes on in the world if they still “love” their imaginary friend.

While I’m on a rant, let’s just imagine something.  Let’s imagine I beat my kids, I stand by and watch my dog viciously bite them without intervening, I watch the neighborhood bully beat up my kids without stepping to to protect him, I starve my kids when there is food I can make for them in the kitchen but choose not to, and I emotionally and psychologically damage them.  Do I deserve love and respect?  Am i a good father?  Absolutely not.  God has done much worse and Christians fall to their knees for him.  They really have no common sense, ethics, or morality when it comes to their own Father in Heaven.

Christians – do everyone a favor and stop using God as a front for making your own judgments against people.  Just say what you think and leave it at that.  The problem is that you don’t have the balls and you hide behind the concept of God.  Let’s be honest, everything you say that represents God’s way is actually your way, and when God’s way isn’t your way you break out the great cop-out.  Stop fooling yourselves – your God, if he exists, is a pretty sick individual and their is nothing you can do to get around that fact.


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