Christianity is Polytheistic

There is no way you can read the New Testament and not think of Jesus as a separate entity from God and the Holy Spirit.  Jesus demonstrates this fact himself, and believes it himself, through his prayers and dialogue with the father (“Father, why have you forsaken me?” or the prayer in the garden of Gethsemane are popular examples). There are at least 2 gods – God the father and Jesus – and we could argue whether or not the holy spirit is a separate entity or simply the means by which the father enacts divine intervention.  It is so obvious that it kills me to write this.

Please point this out in your next conversation with a Christian.  Islam and Judaism are monotheistic and do not pray to their prophets, but Christian prayers can be directed to God the father or Jesus (Mary and saints in Catholicism, adding even more God-like figures).

Yet another example of blind following and fooling oneself.


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