Would anyone believe the Bible if it were written recently?

I don’t think people would believe the Bible to be true if it were written recently, say, within the last 50, 100, or even 300 years.  I think part of the “majesty,” “holiness,” and “profundity” of the Bible is the fact that it was written a few thousand years ago.  People can argue that the age of the Bible validates its truth, but one must consider the lack of knowledge and understanding about the world people had until relatively recently, the institutionalization of religion, and the inherent human propensity toward religion and God (for such innate reasons as explaining things/events we cannot understand, coping with death and asking what happens in the afterlife, etc.).  I am not convinced that even a fraction of people around the world would believe in floods, talking burning bushes, divine interventions, miracles, virgin births, resurrections, and other supernatural occurances if these claims were made, let’s say for the sake of argument, in 17th century Europe.  It’s an interesting question to think about………


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