Two books that say it all

I have attached links to the two books that I feel sum up the theological debate as well as the implications of religion in the 21st century.  Sam Harris’ The End of Faith and Vincent Bugliosi’s Divinity of Doubt are profound indictments of religion and the consequences of irrational belief.  As I read both of these books, I continuously thought “this is an incredibly clear statement of how I felt/thought about religion my entire life and have never read such an eloquent summation, giving affirmation and reinforcement to my positions.”  I finally found some “friends” in my contrarionism and dissent.

If you have read these books and would like to offer your thoughts, comments are welcome.

If you have not read these books, please do so.  If you are religious, I can only warn you that the challenges offered are extremely powerful and many are impossible to explain away.


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