Arguments Against Religion – An Introduction…

This blog is dedicated to anyone out there who feels the need to hear a voice of affirmation regarding their agnostic or atheistic positions.

I can empathize with those of you who grew up “spiritually abused” with the heavy hand of fundamentalist dogma, so this material is especially for you.

As I post here, I hope to offer recommended books, videos, arguments, and personal experiences that will not only challenge religious belief of all forms, but will strengthen non-believers to stand up for their reasoning and refuse to be labeled as immoral or evil by the religious (including religious family members).  I hope to show that the average agnostic or atheist is a thoughful, insightful, hard-working person with integrity who cares for family and community – not the”godless sinner” that the religious portray as the apecal figure of irreligiousity.

Believers have been given an arsenal of arguments asserting why you must believe.  I hope some of the material in this blog will give you some intellectual ammunition to disarm their assertions.

Most importantly, I will offer arguments without engaging in personal attacks and I will avoid using inappriate language.  We can win the war of ideas by attacking beliefs – not individuals.

We need to start demanding reasonable explanations (supported by evidence) from religious followers and leaders alike.  Our challenges to theology must be answered in a coherent manner, and we must not hesitate to debate for fear of offending.  Considering 9/11 and the spread of WMD throughout the world, the stakes are too high and time is too short for us to sit back and allow blind faith and 1st century thought to mingle with 21st century weaponry (as Sam Harris put it).  We cannot let moderate, watered-down, main-stream religion give safe-haven to the fundamentalist and extremist by making religious criticism taboo or inappropriate.  We cannot allow fundamentalist parents to mistreat their children psychologically, emotionally, and physically simply because we are too afraid to challenge their ludicrous and silly beliefs.

Religion can no longer have immunity in public or private discourse.


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