“I Am an Atheist”

I hope this post will connect with some newer atheists who still have trouble speaking, writing, or even thinking the phrase “I am an atheist.”  I hope this especially helps those who, like me, grew up in fundamentalist Christian households and have been psychologically/emotionally conditioned to understand the word “atheist” as analogous to, and on the… More “I Am an Atheist”

An Atheist AGAINST the Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage Decision?

Most arguments I see against the Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision are religious in nature. Scripture-quoting is ubiquitous. So, why would an atheist be against the decision? Here are a few reasons I have reservations regarding the decision. I believe these are items that have not been thought through by most same-sex marriage supporters. We… More An Atheist AGAINST the Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage Decision?

Thoughts on Satan

God created Lucifer, a high-ranking, beautiful angel who became unsatisfied worshiping God. He became filled with pride and God cast him out of Heaven and onto the Earth (to greet us innocent little humans…gee, thanks). See Ezekiel 28:12-18 (King Tyre is symbolic for Satan). Interesting note: Lucifer sinned because of pride in Heaven, and there was a… More Thoughts on Satan

Christians and Science

I am getting tired of condescending, patronizing, and manipulative Christians conceding the validity of science in order to make themselves more credible when arguing religion.  It is tiresome, an obvious sales tactic, and a waste of time.  If they really, truly accepted the implications of what we learn just from cosmology and biology, there is no way… More Christians and Science